IMSF Constitution

1. AIM

To provide a forum for professionals involved in the advancement of maritime education, training, and research through the use of simulation.


2.1. To contribute to improvements in training, operation and research in the maritime industry through the use of simulation.

2.2. To provide an effective medium for the interchange of ideas and experience by members of the Forum.

2.3. To develop performance criteria for the use of simulators in maritime training and research.

2.4. To collaborate with other organizations involved in maritime simulation.


3.1. There shall be two classes of membership:

  • Full membership - open to organizations or persons who in the opinion of the Forum, are contributing to its objectives
  • Honorary membership - which may be granted to a distinguished person selected by the Forum.
  • 3.2. Applications for membership shall be made to the Forum and shall include a description of the contributions the applicant is making towards the aims and objectives of the Forum.

    3.3. Membership of the Forum may be terminated by:

  • The resignation of the member
  • The failure of the member to pay the dues within the period specified in the by-laws
  • A determination, by a two-thirds majority of those attending an Annual General Meeting, that the member no longer contributes to the aims and objectives of the organisation.

    4.1. The Forum shall determine its policies, appoint an Executive, establish committees and working parties, make by-laws and elect new members.

    4.2. The Executive shall consist of:

  • a Chairperson, elected by the Forum at an Annual General
  • a Secretary / Treasurer, nominated by the Chairperson
  • three Vice Chairpersons, elected by the members, one from each of the geographical regions of Americas, Europe / Africa, and Asia / Pacific
  • 4.3. The Chairperson and Vice Chairpersons shall normally serve for a period of three years.

    4.4. The Executive shall be responsible for implementing the policies and managing the affairs of the Forum, and for facilitating the interchange of information between members.


    5.1. There shall be a general meeting of the Forum annually with an interval between consecutive meetings of not more than eighteen months, for the purpose of:

  • Receiving a report from the Executive
  • Examining the accounts of the Forum
  • Dealing with any other business of which appropriate notice has been received.
  • 5.2. The Executive may call a special meeting of the Forum, provided at least two months notice is given to all members, stating the place, day, and hour of the meeting and the matters to be considered at that meeting.

    5.3. The quorum for a General or Special Meeting shall be not less than 20 members, 25% of whom may be represented by proxy.


    6.1. Each member, except the Chairperson, shall be entitled to one vote and, in the event of a tie, the Chairperson shall have a casting vote.

    6.2. Every member entitled to vote, but unable to be present at a meeting, may nominate another member as proxy. The proxy shall be submitted to the Chairperson in writing and is revocable at the discretion of the member executing the vote.

    6.3. Determination of the following issued shall require a two-thirds majority of voting members present or represented by proxy.

  • Amendment of the Constitution
  • Confirmation of new members
  • Termination of membership
  • Other matters considered to be of sufficient concern to the Forum by the members present
  • Election of a Chairperson
  • Change in annual membership dues.

    6.4. Where a majority, but less than two thirds, of the membership present or represented by proxy is in favor of an issue requiring a two-thirds majority, the Executive may conduct a ballot of all members.


    With the approval of the Chairperson, any member may extend an invitation to a suitable person to attend a meeting as a visitor or observer.


    8.1. Any member may propose dissolution of the Forum, provided the proposal is circulated to all members at least three months prior to a General or Special Meeting.

    8.2. Dissolution of the Forum shall require a simple majority of the members present and members represented by proxy.

    8.3. Should the motion for dissolution be accepted the Executive, or a new Executive appointed at that meeting by simple majority, shall take action to distribute the remaining assets of the Forum in accordance with the specific directions of the meeting.

    9. BY-LAWS

    The Forum may not make (link) by-laws (link) inconsistent with this Constitution.

    This document is a property of the IMSF and cannot be changed or edited.